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"It is impractible, however, to keep our sleep free from stimuli; they impinge upon the sleeper from all sides - like the germs of life which Mephistopheles complained - from without and from within and even from parts of his body which are quite unoticed in waking life. Thus sleep is disturbed; first one corner of the mind is shaken into wakefulness and then another; the mind functions for a brief moment with its awakened portion and is then glad to fall asleep once more. Dreams are a reaction to the disturbance of sleep brought about by a stimulus - a reaction, incidentally, which is quite superfluous. // But the description of dreaming - which, after all is said and done, remains a function of the mind - as a somatic process implies another meaning as well. It is intended to show that dreams are unworthy to rank as psychical processes. Dreaming has often been compared with 'the ten fingers of a man who knows nothing of music wondering over the keys of a piano' [Strümpell, 1877, 84;cf.p.222 below]; and this simile shows as well as anything the sort of opinion that is usually held of dreaming by representatives of the exact sciences. On this view a dream is something wholly and completely incapable of interpretation; for how could the ten fingers of an unmusical player produce a piece of music?" - Sigmund Freud (From The Interpretation of Dreams (1900) [SE, IV, 78-9])

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[ 12 Feb 2010 - 11:02am]
ello, i am new. i always interpret my dreams by symbols, but sometimes it's more complicated than that. you see, i really don't know why but almost every night i dream about my ex. i went out with him like 2 years ago, and it really wasn't a big deal but last nights dream was the weirdest. what i don't get is the fact that i never really think about him unless i dream about him, and my DREAMs have been making me think about him a lot.  for the past 6 months (maybe more) he has been in my dreams almost every night.

i have a boyfriend now who i have been dating for two years, and I love him to death! i wouldn't trade him for the world, we are two peas in a pod. he's a virgo and i'm a capricorn. our relationship is awesome and i never loved someone so much. but why am i dreaming about my ex so much? i have no desire, but i feel i'm predicting something. i don't know why.

now- in real life- my ex and i didn't have a good relationship. he was kinda a jerk, and really didn't care. i would see him about 2 times a week if i was lucky and he was always really distracted. he was a pisces.  we dated only 5 months, he never met my parents (which made it worse) never came to my house. he really was my first boyfriend and because we didn't get to know eachother before we started to date, it made it very hard for me to be myself. i was always around him, usually with his friends, and i was super quiet. if you knew me, i am the total opposite. i really can't understand why i could not be myself. that was really the first time in my life that i could not be myself. thing is, i kept prolonging it because i felt it was worth it, and i was really really infatuated with him. i broke up with him one day because i realized that no matter how hard i tried, i couldn't get close with him because he wouldn't open up and he was just weird too so ii thought, ya know, i don't care if i'm so attracted to him, that's not everything and i want to be happy. the thing is, after that we never hung out again and we broke up over the phone so i really didn't get to tell him how much i really wanted to get close to him. i didn't get to tell him how much i admired his wittiness and the worse part is, i never got to show him who i really was. i feel like if i opened up, he really could see who i was and he could of fell for my easily, but something (gut feeling) just kept holding me back...anyway...

i always have dreams that i see my ex, and we are at a party and we connect then by the end of the party im trying to look for him but i can't find him anywhere.

last night, i had a dream that my present boyfriend, went away for a week to check out a college out  west that he wanted to check out for grad school.  (this dream was super long too, day and night). and i encountered my ex. for that whole week, we started hanging out. it was in the present time now, so i was myself. he just seemed to start falling for me. i was falling for him. i went over his house, slept over, we went to parties together and finally we kissed. it felt so real and i just felt relief.  i invited him over, and i said you HAVE to see my room. you never saw my room before and it's really cool so maybe you will get an idea of who i am. he just looked around, looked through my doors and my stuff and he seemed so infatuated with me. it made me feel so good and i kept thinking about my real boyfriend and how deceiving i was being.( in real life, i never cheated before and i don't plain to)  then finally, one day it was raining really hard and we wanted to go to this party. it was raining cats and dogs and we walked to the party in the rain. it was very liberating. i could feel the water in the dream too, and we were barefoot. it was warm rain too. by the time we got there, we were covered in mud. my friends were there and his friends were there. my friends knew what was going on and i remember feeling really nervous to approach them because they are friends with my present boyfriend.  they just seemed happy for me. my ex also met my sister at the party and she came up to me and told me that i must be so much better off with my ex because he is so much more like me than my present boyfriend. but in real life all my friends that he was a shady jerk. not shady as in cheating, but shady as in he had some issues.

anyway in my dream i was so suprised. it ended though with me at the party, everyone was almost gone at this time and i was still looking for my ex. i couldn't find him anywhere. i was looking under the table in the kitchen, outside, everywhere. i felt stranded. i don't want to dream about him, but why if i'm so happy where i am, why do i keep having these dreams about him? the night before i had a dream that i redecorated my porch and he just randomly knocked on my door to see what i was doing. we had dinner together in the new room and he spent the night with me, but he slept next to one of my friends instead and i was pissed. i remember he told me when we broke up that if we encountered eachother someday again, then it would happen and everything happens for a reason. he told me i met him at a bad time in his life. i see him randomly sometimes because we go to the same local college. its usually from a distance, sometimes i stop into him. i don't really think much of it. i just really don't understand why he is in my dreams every night, then i wonder if he dreams about me this much or maybe i'm just weird.
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Newbie, help on interpreting dream [ 24 Jan 2010 - 22:17pm]

Hi, I'm new to the community but have lurked here and there on dream interpretation sites. I've recently taken to writing on a dream journal and trying to interpret my dreams, but I'm a rookie here. Recently I've just had a dream that really scared me, and I'd like to hear some opinions about it.

I dreamed I was going to die. The dream was in a third-person point of view – I was seeing myself singing onstage, I think in a band, but I was wearing my work clothes (black slacks and a plain red blouse). There was a running commentary by two female voices having (I think) a conversation about how I was going to die in the next week or so. At the very least there was this sense that I was going to die. My family and I (according to the commentary/ "sense") were going on a trip to (I think) the US and I was going to die on a plane crash on the trip home. That performance, so to speak, was my last. I remember waking up to get out of the dream so I wouldn’t have to see what was next. Now, I’m not involved in any band, am definitely shy, and won’t be travelling for the foreseeable future. But I can point out that I have recently started working, and had developed a fear of riding planes. As far as I can recall I don't have any precognitive dreams or anything (though I had dreamed of my grandmother dying years before she did, but I had dreamed of other people dying and so far it hasn't happened).

So, bottom line is, I don't know what this is supposed to be about, really. Help?
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The Attainers [ 20 Feb 2009 - 15:13pm]

Good hello.............. I used to watch this community in a past life... Very glad to see that you are all still here with lierre and phayra!!!


The other day I dreamed that I was at an old local radio station, which turned into a store years ago, but was now a radio station AND a store.

I watched the DJ operate the board and play New Wave (like the old days).

Someone next to me began to tell me about The Attainers. There are 6 Attainers on the Earth at all times. They cradle us, protect us, and help us to raise our vibration to attain our highest state...

A friend agrees that this is the case.

Now I wish that I had asked who they are!
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a dream [ 16 Jan 2009 - 08:49am]

as i was walking in a field, it seemed to be around this thick wooded area,not by the sea
but where the trees were giants, and landlocked, and the breaks in between them were thick meadows
with long purple flowers coming up. ross (a man who hurt me in sept) was walking beside me,
and he handed me a sparkely card...
it was a birthday card, for one of his friends. his demeanor seemed to be happy, and happy to see me.
he asked me to sign it, with him, and to go to the birthday party with him.
while i was contemplating this, he disappeared. i began walking down a corridor, an overpass, a clear one,
still with the cracks in the pavement (old roads) sprouting grass
and wildflowers. an older attractive couple passed by, with a baby stroller, and two decadently dressed toddlers.
the little girl with short blonde hair and big
blue eyes walked by me, and sat down next to me. i asked her what her name was, and she said caitlin.
she was wearing a pretty little
pink and blue and purple dress with tights and saddle shos. i bent down and bopped my head on hers softly, smiled,
and said to her.. "im caitlin, too. how old are you caitlin?" and she said.. "I'm four"i said "four years old, wow..
you know what? I was four once." "..really?" her thoughts read. She looked at me and smiled
and said kind of bashfully "oh really thats so nice?.."
then quickly she pointed over across to another field with thick flowers growing in it
and tall grass where ross, an unidentified boy, and two gorgeous women, and another woman
who was fatter,with short blonde hair was sittng.
the four year old caitlin said to me "you remind me of that lady, crying.." I asked her "which lady?"
one was doing ballet arabesques, with beautiful ribbons flowing behind her, the other was tall and redheaded with
a sun umbrella. she helped me look closer by putting her little arm on me and peering forward with me
the woman sitting crying had short blonde cropped hair
much like i had mine when i had shaved my head at 15. she was wearing a polar tech sweater, and faded baggy jeans,
sh ad a water bottle clutched onto one hand and looked miserable...... and looked quite
plain but very very sad. Then all at once we saw ross and this other boy, which i think was willy,
lisa's (an ex bff of mine) baby's father pretend to tiptoed and pranced by us, knowing we saw them
around the bend where we were sitting, chatting on. ross came back to me, but will walked on.
ross asked me again if i wanted to go to this girls birthday party, i think her name was felicia.
,her party.
then realized i was lucid dreaming, so i said yes i wanted to. because i wanted to stay in the beautiful scenery.
(its winter, with snow where i am now it was summer there)
i said goodbye to caitlin and started walking along the roadside.
i went to a nearby house that looked like a cabin and walked in to get a pen to sign the birthday card
which as sparkely and big an very pink and purple. zacc was in the house, and he asked me what the card was for.
i said a birthday party. he said.. "well, who's?" and i told him didnt really know. he asked how i met this person
and i told him "ross invited me to her party"... he said to me then "can i sign the card and go, too?"
then i awoke from the dream.
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Many weird dreams [ 16 Jan 2009 - 04:00am]

I definitely have some disturbing dreams and I have always wanted to get a few interpreted or share them with people who might notice a pattern or a common meaning, because they are really weird.
Dreams hereCollapse )

I also want to know how normal it is to remember that you've dreamed about something before while you are in your dream. It's hard to explain. But say I'm dreaming about going to the mall and I'm buying a jacket. I know, in my dream, that I have dreamt the same dream before. I will mention to someone, "Oh yeah, I've already dreamt about this." In reality, when I wake up, I'm not always sure the dream has happened before. Sometimes I will just announce it in my dream, although some of them I do remember dreaming about before.

And also, what causes you to wake up into another dream? Sometimes I will have weird experiences where I'm waking up and I really can't do anything. I can't talk or move and my vision is blurred. And it's like I just can't fully wake up. But it's completely a dream. I wake up later on easily and realize that it was a dream.
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Snake [ 29 Dec 2008 - 07:39am]

So, I just had this dream where I had eaten about 3 glasses, like drinking glasses. I looked in the mirror and noticed my stomach was sticking out a bit, so I felt it and I could feel a big piece of glass sitting there. I was thinking 'oh, I have to be careful or it could puncture something' etc. I

went back into my bedroom where there was a man and a woman who I think were meant to be distant friends or something, and the man jumped me. So we were rolling around on the bed and all I could think was that the glass was going to cut into something internally. It didn't, and I managed to escape out to the swimming pool.

My parents and friends were standing around it casually talking. I swam to the edge of the pool and looked over the edge and saw what I first thought was a black lizard, only about 2cm in diameter, but then I noticed that it was actually a really big snake, about 10 meters and its body got thicker and thicker, about 20cm diameter. It started swimming across the pool and I too was swimming to the other side to escape it. It slithered quite fast and ended up above my front door. Then it's head, the thin part, dropped off and slithered back into the pool. I looked up at the snake and it grew 2 more heads, they fell off and it grew 4 more etc. There ended up being a pile of about 6 white heads and 6 black heads. I finally thought it was dead but then it grew just the one head back again. Next thing I know, a good part of the snake is inside this mans mouth, don't know how it go there. My dad goes up to this guy, blows in his ear and the snake dies or retreats or something and then woke up! Ideas?
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birth dreams [ 28 Dec 2008 - 10:56am]

For some background information, I am pregnant (8 weeks). My husband (Kendale) and I are currently planning a homebirth with a midwife. I have had 2 dreams about giving birth this week. One was pretty short, so I'm just going to throw them both in to this one post unless its a problem

Dream #1Collapse )

Dream #2Collapse )

I'm not sure how the standard interpretations for being pregnant and giving birth in a dream apply when someone actually IS pregnant. These dreams are crazy! What in the world is going on in my brain when I'm asleep?
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don't ya step on me fellas [ 28 Dec 2008 - 04:34am]

taken from my current myspace photography:

knock yourself outCollapse )
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Crawling Bugs In My Sleep [ 08 Nov 2008 - 10:45am]

Hey guys. I really need your help. For the past 5 months or so I have been having the same crazy dream. Actually, sometimes I can't even tell if its a dream or not. Sometimes I think I am awake.

I will be laying in bed and its completely dark in my room. I will all of a sudden start seeing movement on my pillow or my blanket. Sometimes I will even see it on my walls and ceiling. Then I will suddenly realize there are bugs crawling all over the place. I immediately jump up and flick on my bedroom light. But there is never anything there. 

Here is a little background. A year and a half ago my fiance passed away. Since then I have been one big ball of stress and depression. I feel exhausted 24/7. Nothing seems to be getting better in my life. Only worse. My job relocated hours away from me so now I am left frantically searching for a job.

I am not sure if my dream has anything to do with any of what's been going on. I am not quite sure why it only started happening the past 5 months. And it's usually about once a week.

Any insight would be helpful. It drives me nuts when I'm jumping out of bed all of the time.
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[ 08 Nov 2008 - 03:18am]

Ok, so I had a VERY strange dream the other night.

I was going to a celebrity party with Marlon Brando. Upon arriving at the party, while waiting in line, I leaned forward against a table and a wine bottle got caught under my shirt. I pulled it out and the hostess of the party started flipping out at me. She was saying things like "How could you do that?"

So I got into the party and it was amazing. There were pillars and several different swimming pools and in one of the pools there were strange video games that you could play. There was also an entrance to an aquarium but it was closed. You could, however see the beginning of a tank that had a few animals but the two main ones were Orca Whales and Alligators. Everytime I got close to the tank one of the alligators would snap at me.

At one point I was talking to my best friend at the party and he was telling me how he got a great job with an amazing company. I also wanted a job with this company but he told me that I would have to work in one of their retail stores because my cousin(who for some reason was four years old in this dream) got the job that I wanted.

At one point my little sister appeared and she was hugging me and cuddling up with me. She really wanted me to take her to a restaurant for dinner. Eventually I agreed and so she went off to tell my mother. For some reason, my mother started to flip out when my sister told her. She was yelling and screaming. This caused the hostess of the party to break it up and kick everyone out. So there was a long line of people trying to get out. I remember seeing my father briefly in the line.

I cut ahead of the line to a point where people were heading up a flight of stairs that brought you outside to the street. When I got there George Clooney appeared and started flipping out at everyone for no reason. For some reason though, his name was George Clooney Jr.

I eventually got out onto the street and met back up with Marlon Brando again. I kept jokingly calling him "Godfather" as if it were a nickname or something. So, these two girls appear and Brando starts flirting with them. They had just come from a hotel. So Brando gives me a pamphlet and their bill and tells me to go take care of it. They were in the Lion's Hotel in room AOA7. He said I would know who to talk to when I saw him.

I began to run down a few streets trying to find the hotel and I eventually found myself in a different building where another party was going on. All the people at this party though, were in renaissance clothing for some reason and playing really loudly overhead was the Smashing Pumpkins song The End is the Beginning is the Beginning is the End. It was the really slow version that they use in the Watchmen trailer.

So anyways I was looking around and I saw the entrance to a retail store as if it were a store in a mall. Eventually a woman asked me if she could help me and I told her I was looking for the Lion's Hotel. She said she didn't know where it was but told me to ask the Dodo Bird because she knows everything.

So I went to find the Dodo Bird.

In the middle of the room was a glass case. It had different columns for clothing, like you'd find in an Old Navy. In the middle column at the bottom was the Dodo Bird. The Dodo bird had a small stuffed pink bird body and a human face at the head poking through as though there were a person inside a box poking their head through. Her face was painted pink and she had a high pitched voice. I looked down at the pamphlet and noticed that most of the papers were missing. I was scared that I dropped them but I noticed that the paper I still had said the name of the hotel, which was now called the MGM Mall. The Dodo Bird told me that she knew where it was but warned me that you have to leave 16 tip on the door when you go there.

And then I woke up...
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Hello Horsey [ 06 Nov 2008 - 02:30am]

[ mood | tired ]

This is about the only reoccurring dream that I've ever had. It was years ago, and I've only had it twice, but I remember it well. The strangest thing about this dream, to me, is the span of time between each incident. After I first dreamt  it, I would think about it every so often. When I dreamt it for the second time, about a year later, I hadn't thought about it in quite awhile. Not a single detail was different between either dream. The dream is very short, like a story that never got to see past the beginning. Please note that I am not in my dreams, I know this instinctively while I am dreaming. My role is that of an omniscient video camera that allows me to get any angle or any shot, be it internal or not. All of my dreams, many are much more involved than this, are posted in my Journal and are very easy to find.

The dream is dark, like the setting in the movie Sweeney Todd, but everything is in shades of brown instead of black. Essentially, the dream is in a dark sepia color mode. The clothing is Victorian-ish, top hats and all. It starts out with three or four mothers ushering about 7 children, of all ages to a pipe. The room is dingy, and the dark brown paint is chipping off the walls, revealing a yellow-ish color. it's obvious that they are in the slums. The pipe has an inner diameter of about 3 inches. It is slimy with some questionable substance growing on it.

Once all of the kids were assembled, the mothers sent each child, one-by-one (except for one that was holding an infant) down the drain. The people were normal sized, by the way, When the last child disappeared down the drain, the view changed.

There was a blank (disregarding the chipping paint) wall that you could see the shadows of the women on, but the women themselves weren't in the image. All of a sudden, the shadows of men appear on the wall, and the women were shot with automatic guns. All of this "plays out" through the shadows.

Then, the scene changes and things are fast forward to when the eldest of the children were adults. About 4 of the adults were crossing a bridge and looked around. They seemed anxious about something. The view that they were in is a worms eye view. Above their heads were flying coaches. After they cross the bridge, they entered a shack. Immediately, they're in a large rectangular living room. There's a door in front of them, and along both of the walls is junk that connected in a "U" shape with a ratty yellow couch that didn't fit the rest of the style of the world. The couch is before the wall on the far side of the room, acting as a fence. Behind the "fence" is a large (or it looked that way because of the low ceiling) Palomino horse.

After seeing the horse, I woke up. The dream never progressed past that point. Anyway, that's it for this post. I hope that made sense.
 Any and all opinions, regardless of whether you could analyze it or not, are welcome.

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Tea bags & Guns [ 17 Sep 2008 - 14:51pm]

I had a dream a few nights ago that was really different for me.

First of all, it was a really modern, up to date setting, which is odd for me. Usually the time frame in my dreams are unknown or are when I was younger.

I was also male in my dream, which was really odd, I've never dreamt of being the opposite gender.

I dreamt that I lived in the city, in an apartment building, in winter time. I left my apartment and as I was walking out the door, I looked down and in the snow there was a bird, a sparrow, I suppose. It was dead and had obviously been killed by someone, as it's guts were protruding from it's belly and kind of tied into a knot. For some reason, I thought it was beautiful, and for some reason it reminded me of a tea bag.

So, I went back upstairs to my apartment and posted an ad on the internet, looking for the person who did this to that bird so I could meet them. They contacted me and told me to meet them in the park. So I left again, and on the way there, their was this super long trail of these dead birds, and they stopped at a park bench and a girl was sitting there.

I asked her if she had been the one to do this to these birds but she gave me a dirty look and shook a bottle of pills at me. For some reason I then assumed that she must be mentally handicapped. I asked her something and she looked at me and said she was tired of taking shit from men at work, then proceeded to pull out a HUGE gun and shoot me. I kind of laughed and she got up and left and I followed her and she shot me again, twice this time.

Then I watched myself die in the snow.

It was really a vivid dream, and left me a little disturbed. My dreams are often pretty gruesome, but generally they don't involve dead animals...or me thinking that said dead animals are beautiful.

I think the whole me being the opposite gender in my dream stems from my (sorry guys! I'm sure not all of you are like the assholes I've met) hate and distrust of men, and how lately I've been really depressed, and worried that I will become everything I hate.

I honestly don't know what to think about the bird, but this is what the dream dictionaries say:

"Birds in dreams are associated with freedom, and with hopes, dreams, and plans for the future “taking flight.” If a bird is caged it suggests a desire for freedom that is constrained or feels trapped. Dead birds falling from the sky can symbolize the end of a hope or dream, or the passing of an illusion. Vultures in dreams are associated with themes of death and rebirth. Eagles are associated with perspective—the ability to see a great distance."

Which I think goes along with the whole me feeling depressed and hopeless thing.

I really don't know! What do you guys think?
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A weird dream [ 17 Sep 2008 - 17:53pm]

I've had two actually.

In my first dream last night I dreamed of a cow and then a pig that came crashing through our house and knocking down everything in their way. I tried to fortify the doors but with no luck.
I'd see the cow first running across the field and I'd start running to my house trying to shut all the doors but with no success.

The second dream was creepier. Hard to describe, but in short my brother was killed, and then I discovered his murdered was a clown (or at least that was his avatar, it looked kinda like IT) that had a Facebook. I discovered my brother was dead in a sort of construction site when someone asked me to look for him. I don't recall who, and what I found there only that it was dark and that the construction site was lit up a bit by some lamps. So then the clown started leaving threatening messages for me. And then he stole my brothers identity, and was in our house. And trying to kill me. I told my mother all that (in the dream), while she was handing me some bills and mail, and she was saying "yes, honey" and walked away, like she expected to hear stuff like that from me. Like I was crazy.

So what do you think?
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strange dreams [ 17 Sep 2008 - 07:17am]

I seem to be picking up not only my dreams, but those of my dogs and my husband and maybe nieighbors who knows just random strangers from anywhere the last couple of nights. They make no sense and include people and places I have NEVER been to or seen before. They are sometimes from much older/younger/male/different ethnic backgroung than myself but they are current so they are not past life dreams. Past life dreams have a very different feel to them, and these feel like I am watching, not having the dreams. It is really creepy, even when I am dreaming, it does not feel right.

I find it very diconcerting and confusing. I do sometimes pick up dreams of friends and families, but never so many at one for so long and in the same dream. I am pretty sure I have never chased small animals or snakes around before, but the colors are flat and the movemenet/motion exagerated. It is all very strange.

I have never had to worry about breaking the cycle before because it was always such a random event. I also don't like it because even though I don't know who the dreams belong to, I feel like a peeping tom in a way.

Any advice?
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A Question [ 11 Sep 2008 - 23:46pm]

I can only remember about 4 dreams that I've ever had dating from earlier this week to years and years ago. They're very detailed and vivid, but they aren't sporadic like most of the dreams people around me seem to have. My dreams are continuous and comprehensible, with a bit of randomness thrown in here or there. In my dreams, I never really play an active roll. It's like I'm watching a movie and the camera angle and special affects change. Simply put, I'm not participating...My dreams are actually what made me make a LJ. I plan to post a them on my journal.

What I want to know is why this could be (it doesn't bother me, I'm just curious) and how common it is. To anyone that answers, thank you. 

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This is a really intense dream so read at your own peril.. [ 27 Aug 2008 - 23:54pm]

[ mood | scared ]

Hi, my name's Liliana. About two days ago I had the weirdest dream. Um, I'm not really clear on the beginning, I mostly remember the end and when I tell you about it I'm sure you'll understand why.

Okay, first a little background information. One of the girls in my dream, Keshia, we used to be upset with each other and so we didn't talk. The other one, Vanessa, was, I guess, feeling really close to Keshia so when we started fighting so did me and Vanessa. Although, me and Vanessa have never been really close so I never really cared. The other girl, Helena, is my friend, well more of an aquientence really, and we are not fighting. We still don't talk though.

My Dream.. Well, actually it was more of every woman's worst nightmareCollapse )

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Dark Forces [ 14 Aug 2008 - 07:35am]

Rrmember - life and nature must be balanced.

I myself have had too much dark, and am brinking out the light.

This article is partly why I was so drawn to the dark - it made me feel safe.

I think also, because of my migraines I have had, in the past- mildly- I was also photophobic, the light made me feel uncomfortable.

Now I must find a way to carry a light within me, while walking in the dark.

I do still love this article, though!

Dark Forces
By: Konstantinos

Accuse me of being obsessed with darkness. Go ahead. I’ll only ask you to use a stronger word, and tell you that I’m not alone. No, I’m not referring here to the legion of Nightkind who see things in the same, ahem, light. I’ve made it clear how dear these adults and children are to me, but it is not of them that I speak.

It turns out that scientists are pretty hung up on the dark as well. Oh yes — real, respected scientists. In fact, in the last decade or so, the most fascinating work being done in Quantum Mechanics and Cosmology has been in the study of dark matter and dark energy. The former is a type of matter that is invisible yet believed to occupy as much as 95 percent of the known universe. The latter is an energy that is believed to be accelerating the growth of the universe.

What we have in these delightfully-named concepts are the secrets to real occult power, finally being understood by the accepted scientific community. One piece at a time, the science of the hidden, or the occult, is being encountered and quantified, most often under the bizarre phenomena that abound in Quantum Mechanics. It’s a great time to be a student of the dark arts.

How does an understanding of dark matter and dark energy help one achieve mastery over the unseen world? How does it not? We’re dealing here with a form of matter that touches most of creation, and a type of energy that is proven to accelerate the ongoing process of creation — the ongoing expansion of the universe from the Big Bang. Powerful stuff, indeed.

As close as scientists are coming to quantifying the darkness that permeates all, they’re not very close to harnessing its power. We’ll probably have fusion-powered cars before one microwatt of dark energy is used in any way … in a lab, that is.

You can use dark matter and energy to your advantage this very night. The occultist already has the tools needed to call forth and apply cosmic forces, be they dark or light. Again, I choose the dark. When dealing with tricky things like, oh, altering reality, it’s best to stick to what is most comfortable.

The tools are quite simple, actually: psychodrama and sympathetic links. Forget years of concentration training. Forget studying at the heels of so-called ascended masters who are more interested in having an indentured servant than in passing along wisdom. Master the art of using psychodrama and linking it to a universal force, and said universal force is at your disposal.

The psychodrama is the “dressing” in a ritual: candles, incense, chanting, mystical symbols or other preparatory methods — whatever it takes to get you to activate the part of your mind that’s in tune with the unseen energy of the universe. We walk around in the waking world very much asleep. Psychodrama awakens the parts of our brains that can do more amazing things than typing and ordering at Starbucks, as important as those things may be.

The sympathetic link concept has been used to apply heightened consciousness to some useful goal. Voodoo dolls let you send energy someone’s way, with the doll acting as a link to the person. Here’s where occultism can get extra potent, though. What if instead of just applying the principle of sympathetic magic to a goal or object we apply it to accessing a powerful force? To access the dark matter that permeates all of creation, and to have the entropic power of dark energy at your disposal, all you need is something to act as a sympathetic link to the darkness.

Enter sweet night. Step outside and you can almost feel it as an etheric field. This is the best sympathetic link to dark matter and energy that there is. Why worry about physics concepts like the speed of light and trying to send out your magick at such a blistering rate? Dark is faster than light. It’s already there!

The dark rites I introduce in Nocturnicon allow you full access to forces that may have scared away explorers of the unseen in the past. Death magick, Lovecraftian beings, helpful daemons and Lucifer himself await you in its pages. The psychodrama is there to create astonishing changes in the rest of your nights.

Unlike with the dark explorations in Nocturnal Witchcraft and Gothic Grimoire, the magick of Nocturnicon does not depend on a specific deity belief system. In fact, these rituals don’t even mention or utilize a supreme being. The only thing you’ll be relying upon is the godlike ability latent in all of us. Being made of the same unseen energy and matter as the cosmos, we can access and manipulate it.

Brave enough to give it a try? No one to my knowledge has been carried away screaming by the forces you’ll be calling forth. At least, no one who lived to tell about it …
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[ 13 Aug 2008 - 16:16pm]

I had a strange dream last night and I was wondering if anyone would help me out...

I dreamt that I was surrounded by animals but the ones I remembered were two tigers: one giant orange and black one that was my pet (it was a male that i had on a leash) and a small white siberian tiger cub (no leash). I dreamt that this giant orange and black tiger was in love with me and I loved it very much as well, it kept cuddling up to me and I was hugging it, it felt so soft and smooth yet I still knew it was powerful and awe inspiring as a tiger. the tiger flashed his teeth at someone there but I cant remember who it was. i finished the dream by cuddling up with this giant monster whose fur nearly covered me in bliss. any help would be great, i still remember its texture, it was rather vivid. we were laying on bright green grass and the day was sunny.
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astral crap [ 17 Jul 2008 - 07:28am]

I keep picking up astral baggage when I sleep, little low level creatures that are like ticks - hard to get rid of once they get in. Smudging don't seem to have a lot of affect on the buggers, either. I pick them up when I cross deeper in the lower level of the dimemsions.

Stupid bastards. I still have two. One on my left shoulder blade and one one the base of my skull that I have had for as long as I can remember.
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[ 27 Jan 2008 - 13:16pm]

the other night i dreamt that i was in my childhood home. well, the house we lived in between ages 8 and 14. this was also the house i lived in while my parents were divorcing.

in the dream i am in the basement. with my cat, that i didnt have at the time i lived there but have him now. i walk up stairs and i'm in my living room and its sunny and warm outside. my dad is upstairs and my mom is in the kitchen. i never see either of them throughout the dream. all the sudden, a wild cat looking animal comes walking in the front door. i am instantly fearful and back away and call for my father to come get rid of it. the cat is sniffing around and checking things out, but is not coming after me or posing any threat. i am still afraid of it however. the cat proceeds to go into the basement where my housecat is sleeping. i scream and cry for my dad to come down and help me and he ignores me. i scream for my mother and she tells me that i must be joking, no way there is a wild animal in our house. so i go to the basement and shoe the wild cat up the stairs and he runs out the front door and i close the latch behind him. moments later my mom walks out the front door and LEAVES IT OPEN and before i can even say anything the wild cat is barging back into the house. still poking around minding his business but i still had this overwhelming fear, that i needed to remove it from the house. then i woke up.

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